Whatever Tickles Your Mind

by Aqua Talk

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released July 24, 2016

All the music was written, performed and arranged by Sarp Ogun, Bugay Akyuz and Berkay Koksal.

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Bora Uslusoy.

Artwork: Furkan Pehlivan



all rights reserved


Aqua Talk Istanbul, Turkey

Progressive rock band based in Istanbul.

Berkay Köksal - drums and percussions

Bugay Akyüz - bass guitar and vocals

Sarp Öğün - guitar, keyboards, midi foot pedals

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Track Name: Dead Man's Dream
a cloud passed by, casting me aside in this daydream
phone rings loud, it’s echoes in his heart
a man alone with regrets, when nothing’s in this store
to numb his tiny brains, so he went elsewhere, as he turned around

a creature walked, sudden stop
through the door with a crack so loud
laughter breaks, darkening days
crowd came to watch his play

now that you’re awake, tell me what you see
you numbed your brain so hard, we better patch the leaks
don’t pass out again, it’s hard to wake a deadman’s brain

stand while you can in the earth of no hope
bright lights tremble bow before your liege lord -
hundred year old feuds, soldiers eating stew
under the banners of red and grey
stands for the hunter and the prey
battleshout runs after you, if the hallway shall end
and bounce it will into the blue
with the kingdoms call for a friend

gather now, family and friends, in this day of joy
we celebrate as our trouble’s fall
say goodbye and wave away
our deadman’s now stands awake
Track Name: Nowhere To Run
standing over the hill, watching
sunshine’s claws in your eyes
throwing rocks in an unknown place
where it breaks and there is no trace

rising sunshine’s quiet far don’t you stop and grow
now it is dark there is no where to go
stranger starring from the hut, can’t stop the one
now it is dark there’s nowhere to go

now the light comes up, while flying
ignition burns your dye
freezing ice, rolls the dice
wraps up your sleep, you begin to die

crafty men ask for the road which will not be fun
mountains close, rivers froze, prepare for run
freezing human calls to you will you answer the phone
go now soldier, bring them back home
Track Name: Where?
looking for you
in a tiny room
couldn’t even hear you sing

looking for you
as I’m holding on my friend
side by side trying to
hear you scream again

lead me the way out of this dream
to the land of cleaner echoes
where we always should’ve been
Track Name: Tales of Old
falling drops on the top of your head
a voice call out afar
rising tides in the distance

that big bang you hear, is it just your dreams
out in the sea, without any screams

narrow cage contains the light we see in you
how dare you to speak, (in) the streets of old memories
for bricks are strong, up and above the strike is near
crops are steep, intruder lies, the farmer cried inside

fellow sailors lead the way, the edge of the world is close
gathering knights and gathering swords

brightly colors of the nightly stars
pushing my limits very far
the bang continues all afraid of what’s to come

narrow cage, sustains the life, waves are through
shipwright is high, no chance to make it now
as smoke fills the sky, the questions rise with lies
green fields across, a doubtful gaze, unwise
Track Name: Fools Rules
towards the end now, rocked to sleep
to dreams of early winter
dreams his moments of appeal
feeling vaguely disturbed
the welcome warmth inside a storm

hey, you behind that wall
get them out, don’t you light that stop
your hair is a bit long
cut them out, and come back around

till the summer, watch the sea
the blue of cold just flying on
across the land that you call it your own
snows reflection, suns affection for you
worn down

hey dork, walking on my lawn
can’t you see, I’m working here
your game is a bit off, fish is dead
there is no fun left